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Everyone Has a Story
NEXT EPISODE specializes in serial cinematic storytelling. Why does that matter to you? Well, if you represent a small business, nonprofit, large corporation, government body, or even an individual, chances are - whether you know it or not - you've got a story.

Getting your message out in an innovative and compelling story is the best method for establishing a strong, ongoing relationship between you and your target audience. By creating exceptional, character-driven content again and again, NEXT EPISODE can help you to affordably generate business, educate your employees, or inform the public in the most creative, memorable, and effective way.

That might be in a scripted narrative series with recurring characters helping your business promote a product or service; it might be an ongoing short-form documentary which would educate the public about an organization, individual, or event; or it might even be just a simple series of how-to videos which needs that extra punch that comes from a truly professional-looking production.

The Right Tools
To download a PDF of our current equipment list, click the link HERE.

NEXT EPISODE deploys state of the art equipment that goes well beyond what would be considered traditional video. High definition, progressive-frame imaging, wireless sound, three-point lighting and green-screen, and tapeless storage technology are used to capture crystal-clear footage, all of which is then funneled into a top-notch postproduction editing suite where we create what can best be described as micro-cinema.

To download a PDF of our current equipment list, click the link HERE.

Location, Location
While we're based in Chicago and easily service the surround suburbs as well as Milwaukee, we also maintain clients and affiliates in Los Angeles, D.C. / Baltimore, and New York City. One of our main goals is to bring a local sensibility to every project, because the location of the story is what's important.

The People of NEXT EPISODE
Equipment and locations only go so far. What finally matters is the storytelling itself.
The writing first and foremost, the directing and producing, the editing - ultimately it's the storytellers, and the characters they help bring to life. What really makes NEXT EPISODE different is the people. Click on the tab to your left for more on Who We Are.

So whether your show would be best suited for the web, television or even the big screen, we can quite affordably take even the smallest kernel of an idea and turn it into an ongoing cinematic experience. Let us create a project that will help you or your organization stand out from the crowd and have the best chance of affecting the greatest number of people.

Welcome to NEXT EPISODE:
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